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Chou Yi(周依)作品集 TOWN

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当ギャラリーにて2019年9月17日から22日まで個展を開催した、台北のイラストレーター/グラフィックデザイナーChou Yi(チョウイ)さんの作品集です。現実と空想の世界を行き来するパラレルワールド。

As an artist, Chou Yi has taken apart, mixed and replaced the scenes between reality and imagination in her new work “TOWN”. Through a private and personal perspective, there is a true/false world which has been built in her pantings.

Book Size::14x20 cm
Pages::32 pages
Printing:hardcover, one color
paper:Mag 129
Publication Date:nov 2017
Publisher:YY press
Limited Edition:200

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¥ 2,300 tax included